What’s in a name

2017 is Blue Aura’s seventh year as a consumer electronics brand, which means that we are still a relatively young company in what is a very competitive market.

When the company was formed, we knew the type of products we wanted to offer to consumers, but we didn’t have a registered brand name. We wanted to ensure the name would reflect the character of the products and our brand ethos. It quite simply had to reflect what we aspire to be, as an innovative, and hopefully evocative brand.
The origin of the name is one of those frequently asked questions, both by customers and newly appointed distribution partners. ‘How did the name originate?’

A relatively easy task you would think.

Once a brand name is decided upon, it’s not actually usable (or able to be registered) until its availability is checked with the Intellectual Property office and, if a website domain of the same name is required, that also needs to be available. After many hours of toing and froing from domain name providers and the IP office we settled upon Blue Aura.
The reasons? Blue is generally accepted as the colour for all things wireless; Bluetooth, wireless symbols, antenna signal, and our interpretation of Aura is associated to the wireless signal that surrounds us, atmosphere, cloud…So it seemed the perfect name and it was available.

Audio consumer trends are constantly evolving and as a company we strive to maintain our original product development mandate. Whether it’s streaming music from a Tablet or Smartphone or listening through more conventional Hi Fi equipment, we aim to produce innovative products that will improve the sound from all types of audio devices.
We are still at the start of the Blue Aura journey, but that is how the story began.


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