Why vinyl is making a comeback!

If you’re into music and you’ve not been living under a rock, the past few years, you’ll know that vinyl is making a huge comeback. More and more of us are opting to get back to searching for and collecting those flat black bits of plastic that make that oh so magical sound.

But why is vinyl so popular again? We came up with 5 good reasons why and some exciting news on the Blue Aura front!

  • Vinyl is for those with good musical taste – ever wondered why when you visit any record store, you’ll not find many modern, over-produced ‘pop’ records? The simple reason is that those who listen to vinyl are discerning in their tastes and tend to be more drawn to artists with integrity and who write their own material. Great songwriting is high on the agenda and those who buy vinyl have an ear for good production. This means that even if Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ sold over 150,000,000 copies in 2012, then chances are, you’re not going to find it in a vinyl record store.
  • Vinyl sounds better than digital! – better than MP3s could ever sound, vinyl has a warmer, richer sound. If you are new to vinyl, you’ll notice the sound quality in comparison to digital has more clarity and vibrancy. This is because audio is compressed when it is broadcast on the airwaves or put on to a phone or tablet. The ear responds better to analogue sound and if you read our blogs, you can learn more about the technical reasons for this, but take it from us, you’ll prefer the sound of vinyl, hands-down.
  • Shopping for vinyl is more of an experience – taking an afternoon to linger in a record store, searching for a hidden gem can become addictive and more of a hobby than a chore. If you are a vinyl collector, you’ll know how exciting it is as well as stimulating for the senses to purchase a record, bring it home and put it on to the turntable for the first time. It takes more time and is more of a ritual than a quick, easy and throw-away download done from your laptop or phone.
  • Vinyl can be lucrative! – when you purchase an MP3 on iTunes, there is no way to turn that investment into something that will make you money down the line. The reason is that you don’t physically own it. You just license it. With vinyl, there is an entire community of collectors who know and understand that this commodity can hold or even increase in value as time goes on.
  • Let’s face it, vinyl is cool! – There is just something about coming home with a loved one or inviting friends over and putting on a piece of music on vinyl. It is tactile, a ritual and very smooth. Whatever your musical tastes, putting a vinyl record on, pouring a glass of something and enjoying the sound that vinyl produces will give you something far more special than merely saying “Alexa”.

In September, Blue Aura will be launching our very own PG1 turntable to complete the Backline series. Not only is it a fantastic stand-alone product but with the ps40 speakers and v40 amp, the TT will complement the system. We also supply a range of tasty accessories to accompany your TT and maximise performance. Finally, Blue Aura has a vinyl offering to satisfy any audiophile wanting to start or optimise their vinyl collection. If you’re a Blue Aura system owner, you’ll know how warm and sweet the valve amp technology already sounds when playing Bluetooth connected digital audio. So imagine how playing vinyl through the system will sound!

So, what’s the exciting news from Blue Aura?

What’s also exciting is that we are offering one lucky person the change to WIN one of our PG1 TTs! Simply sign up to our newsletter and leave us a comment on Facebook and your details will be put into our draw.

Visit https://www.blueaura.co.uk/ to view the full range of Blue Aura products and to sign up to our newsletter!

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