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Welcome to Blue Aura

Blue Aura develops a range of audio products designed to offer stylish and innovative sound solutions for all your listening requirements. 

Liberate your music.

Explore our website further to find a product that will provide a sound upgrade whatever your source device. 



x Series

Blue Aura "Pair and Play" x Series products have been developed using the latest advancements in enhancing the sound of compressed audio. By integrating aptX®, the loudspeakers transmit CD level audio quality wirelessly through the Bluetooth® platform. Whether you are listening to music from your Laptop, Tablet, internet Radio or other Bluetooth® enabled devices, or prefer streaming from apps such as Spotify or Napster, the audio signal will be effortlessly delivered to the Blue Aura x series loudspeakers... and to make life even easier, when designing our x series products, our engineers incorporated NFC.  Just tap an NFC enabled device, cell phone or tablet on the speaker to enable immediate connection, automatically pairing the device with the speaker.

Blackline Series

Evocative styling, contemporary features.
Our Blackline valve amplifiers combine the warm sound associated with valve amplification with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. The design ethos of our Blackline range of products is to consider every aspect of the development process focussing on the aesthetics and end-user experience. The presentation of the complete product is as equally important as the build quality and sonic performance.

Performance Series

The Blue Aura Performance Series allows customers to benefit from multi-room, multi-source wireless audio. Operating at 2.4GHz, the systems are true Plug & Play and can be used with any audio device with Headphone Out, RCA or USB at an effective range of up to thirty metres. The system uses SMSC® wireless technology with a sampling rate of 48.1 KHz, accepted CD quality. It is extremely robust and not prone to interference from other wireless networks.

Ideal for streaming music from your source device situated anywhere in your home to the loudspeakers placed everywhere in your home!

Our Performance range of wireless products provides a variety of wireless audio solutions

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PH1 Phono Pre-Amplifer

The Blackline PH1 is a high performance phono-pre-amplifier that supports both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. Although some amplifiers have an integral phono stage, PH1 is a dedicated phono pre-amplifier that offers an audible sound upgrade once connected between your Turntable and Amplifier. 

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v40 Blackline

Our v40 valve amplifier combines the latest in connectivity, superior valves to provide the warm sound associated with tube amplifiers and a high quality built-in DAC.


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