Cinema sound in your living room

TVs, though growing larger in screen are getting thinner. Emerging technology means that our modern at-home screens can be so thin; we can hang them on our walls like pieces of art. There are even TVs that come cleverly disguised as mirrors or paintings until we want to use them for our viewing pleasure.

With TV technology becoming more innovative, with bigger and better screens, many of us want to watch our favourite movies in the comfort of our own homes, preferring to snuggle on the sofa with our popcorn and a glass of wine to watch a blockbuster, rather than having to sit in the cinema, alongside complete strangers, whispering and chattering, rustling sweet wrappers and occasionally flashing their mobile phones to send a text or even film the movie!! The TV has become the king of the living room and is growing in popularity as a home-cinema style device.

But what about the sound?
TVs have become so thin nowadays, that there is simply not enough room for a good quality loudspeaker, so King Kong can now sound less like an abnormally gigantic ape, but more like your pet hamster, Dave!
So, what’s the solution to the reedy, skinny sound emitting from these super-slim and super-sized TV screens?

Blue Aura have recognised that great quality sound shouldn’t just be readily available for your CD, vinyl player or hand held music device or phone. The sound of your TV can be just as epic and with a simple upgrade purchase, your favourite movie can move you once more and create that home cinema sound you’re really looking for.
If you own, or are thinking of purchasing a newer technology TV for cinematic viewing in your own home, why not consider a sound upgrade? The Blue Aura x30 and x30 Plus Sub could be just the ticket to really boost your sound and wow your living room audience.

The x30 is an active stereo loudspeaker system that sets new standards for wireless connectivity over Bluetooth, to create an outstanding audio experience. It’s simple to upgrade your TV audio by using Digital Optical Connection. You can also stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth from tablets, smartphones and laptops & connect CD players, tuners and radios using an RCA audio cable, so these smart looking and awesome sounding speakers really can enhance your listening pleasure, whether via your TV or your full range of devices.
As with all Blue Aura loudspeakers, the x30 is presented in a sumptuous faux leather finish. x30’s are available in a choice of Graphite, Sahara or Polar White finishes. Additional features are, Sub Out for those who desire more bass and a USB socket for the Blue Aura WAS1 Transmitter and Receiver option, the benefits of which are extended signal range and the option to connect multiple source devices, including your TV!.

Any customer going into store to buy a modern style TV should now be approached by the sales assistant to advise and inform them that if they want a big sound to match their big shiny and impressive TV, a sound upgrade is a must. So, next time you’re in store, listen out for the savvy sales professionals who really know how to maximize their customer’s cinematic experience at home with a simple, yet very effective additional purchase.

To take a look at our x30 speakers as well as the full range of Blue Aura products, visit Blue Aura x30

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