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v30i Blackline

For music lovers who want to hear their compressed digital source devices in true analogue form, the v30i will not fail to deliver, courtesy of the high quality in-built DAC and audio valves. Just plug in the provided USB cable to your PC or laptop and listen to your favourite tracks in clear, natural sound.

The v30i system is ideal for the office, home study, bedroom and indeed the living room. Our designers at Blue Aura have worked hard to ensure that the loudspeakers and amplifier are both sonically and aesthetically matched. 

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v30i Loudspeakers

The stereo loudspeakers are 2 way bass reflex and use fully shielded drive units allowing them to be placed near to televisions. The cabinet construction combined with good quality x-over components help to ensure a sound that belies the size of the enclosures. The loudspeakers are presented in a matching finish to the amplifier, walnut or Black faux leather.

v30i Amplifier

The amplifier uses two audio processing valves along with a volume indicator valve. Connect all your source devices using the supplied cables; laptops using USB, Smartphones with Line (3.5 mini jack), CD players and Turntables* using Phono.  * May require Phono amp.
v30i also benefits from a sub out feature allowing subwoofers to be connected to enrich the overall music experience. 



The v30i is just one of the Blackline range of products that we are currently developing and will be introducing over the coming months. The design ethos of our Blackline range of products is to consider every aspect of the development process focussing on the aesthetics and end-user experience.

The presentation of the complete product is as equally important as the build quality and sonic performance. 





The amplifier uses two audio processing valves along with a volume indicator valve. Source selections are USB, Line and Auxiliary.

Volume and Tone control is independently adjusted by the supplied remote control.

Included with the systems are two angled rubber desk stands, providing optimised listening position for the loudspeakers and improving sound by isolating vibration.

Adding the WAS1 Transmitter and Receiver option allows the audio signal to be sent from your source device to the v30i wirelessly.


  • Model

    v30i "Blackline" Amplifier System

  • Description

    Amplifier/Loudspeaker System

  • Product Height


  • Product Width


  • Product Depth


  • Product Weight


  • Power Output

    20w per channel

  • Frequency Response

    20Hz–20KHz +/- 1.5dB

  • Harmonic distortion


  • Signal to noise ratio


  • Input Impedance

    47K Ω

  • Input Sensitivity

    1.0V +/- 25%

  • Output impedance

    4 / 8 Ω

  • Vacuum tube Type

    6n1x2 6e2x1

  • Audio Inputs

    RCA/USB mini B/3.5mm mini jack

  • Power Supply

    AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

  • Colour Options


  • Audio Outputs

  • Sub Out 


Included in the box..

Valve Amplifier
Full range Loudspeakers
Remote Control
Angled desk stands
RCA cable
USB (mini) cable
Line Out cable (3.5 Mini Jack)
Loudspeaker connection cable

Accessories: xsub - add the Blue Aura subwoofer to further enhance lower frequencies

Product information sheets and and Instruction manuals can be found in the information centre:http://www.blueaura.co.uk/information






"I saw the Black line at Harbour City in HK. It sounded way above excellent given it's mini size which shocked me! You have a world-class product!"

Peter, Singapore

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