PG2 Turntable & Stylus Force Tracking Gauge


Suitable for first-time users or experienced audiophiles, PG2 will produce a pure analogue listening experience. Aesthetically and sonically matched to our range of amplifiers, PG2 can be easily added to any existing hi-fi system.

Vinyl record stylus tracking force gauge.
Precise to 0.01g with a maximum force of 200g.

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  • Precision PG2 belt-drive turntable
  • Stylus tracking force gauge
  • A ¬£14.99 saving compared to buying separately

The Blackline PG2 is a precision, belt-drive turntable with advanced audio technology and contemporary features.
Designed to cosmetically and sonically match the existing Blackline range of products, PG2 allows listeners to appreciate the sound of analogue audio. The inclusion of a switchable phono stage allows customers to connect directly to amplifiers or add a separate phono stage such as our PH2 which will offer a further sound upgrade.

The high-torque DC motor ensures a stable and consistent platter rotation and the plinth material has been designed to absorb unwanted resonances. PG2 also has Bluetooth connectivity allowing more flexibility with positioning and will connect easily with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Stylus tracking force gauge.
Setting the correct tracking force will maximise playback performance, lower the possibility of mis-tracking, and prevent excessive record wear.
Whilst the down force scale ring on the counterweight provides an accurate gauge for setting the stylus force, the Tracking Force Gaugue is precise to 0.01g with a maximum force of 200g, leaving no doubt what down force has been set.

The LCD display provides a clear reading of the measurement.
Supports multiple weighing units and has auto power off.
2 AAA batteries supplied fitted.

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