MP Cumbria

v40 -What an impressive amplifier. Not only visually pleasing but more importantly more than pleasing on its performance.

The sound is awesome having a lovely subtle tone that really improves by overcoming the somewhat harshness of non-valve amplifiers. It does though on my system with Bose speakers definitely improve the spatial image in clearly defining the instrument locations, making for a really dynamic presentation. This is further enhanced through the detailed range of individual instrument sounds such as hearing the for example the clear after tone of cymbals and hammers string the piano keys.

I am really pleased that I selected this amplifier as it has resulting in vastly enhancing my already high-quality Hi Fi amplifier.

Also worthy of note is the really top-class customer service, the level of which I have rarely experienced. They will go out of their way to advise, help and support you.  A 5 STAR + standard of customer care.

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