Luca, Rome

Just a note to express my feelings and thoughts about the Blue Aura v40 Blackline:Pure Enjoyment – Pure Music – Pure PleasureIt has been love at first sight and even more so love at first listening…From unpacking to setting up the system the feeling is that of a well engineered and well crafted product down to every single detail.I must say that using an appropriate (and expensive) set of cables brings out the body and the soul of this little wonder well exceeding the expectations of the most refined palates.Bluetooth is more than enough for the practical purpose of background music listening… but the direct connection via USB is superlative for a “serious” listening session.I can confirm you as well that the Blue Aura v40 + ProAc Tablette 8 is a perfect marriage (a rare thing these days). So, all things considered, my vote is 10+/10.

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