Customer Testimonials

v40 Tube Amplifier

I’m delighted with my v40. It has made my collection of old 45s absolutely sing in a way I haven’t heard before. I am also now able to take new mixes from my studio and assess them at home with much greater ease and confidence. I spent a good while shopping around for a quality amp at an affordable price and the v40 has far exceeded my expectations. All this and it looks great too. I must also say that the folks at Blue Aura are great to deal with. Thank you!

GM Glasgow

AT700 Loudspeakers
First impressions of the Speakers.. under-priced .. transparent .. Good detail .. nimble .. engaging.. musical .. has a surprising amount of bass .. quality construction .. really like them .. especially with my luxman amp and CD player.

JH Bristol

Blue 1
I’ve set the Blue 1 up with the two white [ps40] speakers and am impressed with the quality of the sound. Undoubtedly, the unit could easily drive bigger speakers but the performance is already most satisfactory. The library (mainly classical and jazz but also some pop vocals) on my iPhone suddenly sounds like music!

WG Cambridge

v40 -What an impressive amplifier. Not only visually pleasing but more importantly more than pleasing on its performance.

The sound is awesome having a lovely subtle tone that really improves by overcoming the somewhat harshness of non-valve amplifiers. It does though on my system with Bose speakers definitely improve the spatial image in clearly defining the instrument locations, making for a really dynamic presentation. This is further enhanced through the detailed range of individual instrument sounds such as hearing the for example the clear after tone of cymbals and hammers string the piano keys.

I am really pleased that I selected this amplifier as it has resulting in vastly enhancing my already high-quality Hi Fi amplifier.

Also worthy of note is the really top-class customer service, the level of which I have rarely experienced. They will go out of their way to advise, help and support you.  A 5 STAR + standard of customer care.

MP Cumbria

“I’m delighted with my x30 speakers. Not only do they look great but they sound amazing too.”

MR, London


“Overall I am very happy with the speakers. They are an excellent product. My wife hates to see wires and these speakers solved that problem. I have even used them as part of an outdoor cinema setup and there was no problem at all with transmitting the signal from the Sky box through the walls.”

MK, Lazio, Italy

“….And by the way, I am beyond thrilled with these speakers. I am telling everyone about them.”

AJ, L.A. California

“As a composer with a master’s degree from Eastman in Rochester, New York, now living in California, I was delighted to find affordable “wireless” shelf speakers with an elegant look and rich, sonorous sound far beyond what one might expect of wireless or of that size….”

Aaron, California

“Where have the Blue Aura guys been hiding these last few years? I wanted something to replace my Bose system but was wireless, stylish and more importantly good value for money. What can I say about the W80is… they look brilliant…”

DL, VP Supply Chain

“Fantastic! I primarily use these speakers connected to my TV and the range enables me to hear clearly at all levels.”

SM, Surrey


“They’re great speakers, just what I wanted.”

VC, Buckingham


“I’ve been using a pair of the Blue Aura ws30i speakers for some months now and they are a brilliant small speaker with a performance that belies their size. Superb clarity, excellent bass from these tiny cabinets and oodles of presence. I’m obviously very happy with the quality of these little gems but even more impressed with the customer service I’ve received from Nick at Blue Aura. I have had excellent advice via email and telephone calls and prompt delivery of the bespoke transmitter that is available for these speakers and now combined with the bespoke receiver the wireless option works a treat.

Even more amazing has been the service given me for an “as new” pair of X30s I obtained from a well-known internet auction site. A new and correct model remote control for these speakers was sent by Nick free of charge as I’d had problems with the original one. This in my opinion is customer service second to none and I shall certainly be looking at more Blue Aura products in the future.

Many thanks to Nick and the Blue Aura team.”

Viv Cardiff

(v30i) You know what, the sound is stunning and crystal.

I did not use your speakers finding it a bit small. I plug into my KEF Reference speakers and through a Lynn Klout Preamp.

Wow, the bass is sweet and the vocal appears in front of me as if saying live before me.

I don’t like it, I love it!

AN Northern Ireland

After setup complete and first listen: I’m amazed. What a fantastic sound. Pure, clear, natural. Blue Aura did a damn good job.

Thomas, Germany


..have started to dig out some memorable tracks with great bass lines and am now replaying and they sound even better. Mr.Big by Free being one such example.
Our cat is bouncing up and down on the floor… time with the bass!!!

I think the whole sound experience is “cleaner” with the sub woofer in place, a great addition.

SM Hampshire UK

v40 amplifier and PH1 pre-amplifier
I bought my Blue Aura V40 Black Shadow & PH 1 Phono stage at the beginning of the year & still get a buzz every time I use it – I just wish I’d bought one earlier.Apart from looking stunning, the sound is amazing. Rich deep tones, great bass definition – I am hearing so much more detail than I used to. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up for streaming from my PC, but my Project turntable just sounds so much better.I had a few enquiries before I bought – Nick was very easy to deal with & delivery to Northern Ireland was very quick & straightforward would definitely recommend it – worth every penny

SL Co. Antrim

Thank you so much for your help. So good to find a brand & person that appreciates their customers. 

RS Chingford UK

v32/ps40 combination


PS, Weston-Super-Mare

PG1 -Thought I would let you know you have another very satisfied customer.  I have rigged up pg1 to a preamp and then through to a Cambridge A1 and out of some tannoy mx4 speakers. To my ear and my wife’s, it has never sounded better. Very very pleased with the quality and value of the turntable and the set-up.


I have recently purchased a pair of WS90t wireless speakers from you – I feel I must write and say how pleased I am with these superb speakers which are beautifully designed and engineered – I have some hearing problems so was delighted to find that they actually improved my quality of listening considerably – to know they are of British design is an added bonus – I also consider them great value for the quality of sound and finish – I wish your company every success for the future – I should also add that as an older person I had to ask one or two questions to which I received very courteous and full replies – so great on after-sales service too – many thanks.

PL Sussex

Hi, Thank you so much for your reply!  Your V40 is so great, I love it so much!

PL Hong Kong

Just to let you know the turntable arrived safely. Thank you very much. I’ve just hooked it up at home. It’s really lovely, looks great. I’ve got it running through the line as I couldn’t be bothered to hook it up to my pre-amp. It’s a nice touch, entry level users do get confused about pre-amps (they often don’t know if they’ve got one/need one, etc) so you’ve covered both bases there! It’s total plug and play. Looking forward to hooking it to a Bluetooth speaker later. Right, back to Kraftwerk… sounding very nice indeed. For the price, it’s irresistible so far! Love it.

SJ Newcastle

“After installing your system and giving it a good running in ( it arrived early in the morning on Thursday ) I was able to play a range of the music I enjoy. My feelings about the quality of reproduction is quite simple. I was blown away!!! I could not believe what I was hearing from that equipment, it was stunning”

PC Essex

v40 Limited Edition
It arrived safe and sound around lunch time. Decided on Zensor 3 speakers in the end. Listening to it right now and it sounds AMAZING!

ML East Sussex

I had read about Blue Aura’s efficient customer service, and now I’m plus-one to that list. This counts more than the performance of the product itself to me.

MK, Ankara, Turkey

Just a note to express my feelings and thoughts about the Blue Aura v40 Blackline:Pure Enjoyment – Pure Music – Pure PleasureIt has been love at first sight and even more so love at first listening…From unpacking to setting up the system the feeling is that of a well engineered and well crafted product down to every single detail.I must say that using an appropriate (and expensive) set of cables brings out the body and the soul of this little wonder well exceeding the expectations of the most refined palates.Bluetooth is more than enough for the practical purpose of background music listening… but the direct connection via USB is superlative for a “serious” listening session.I can confirm you as well that the Blue Aura v40 + ProAc Tablette 8 is a perfect marriage (a rare thing these days). So, all things considered, my vote is 10+/10.

Luca, Rome

I have been running it daily for the best part of the week now and am very pleased with the sound quality it produces. Fills the room with ease and still easy to hear clearly at low volumes.

KW Luton

“I can’t say it enough of how impressed I am with your company and will not only sing your praises to friends and family but look forward to purchasing from Blue Aura in the future”

KM Bedford UK

I really have to say you nailed it with the V40, if perfection exists then this is it. I allowed the system to be broken in gently for a few days and wow the sound is amazing. As I previously stated I have only nothing but praise for Blue Aura and the great customer service and products that you provide consider me part of the Blue Aura family

KM Bedford

“I would like to say that not only is it a wonderful product, but I also would like to say that the customer experience has been what others should aim for. One very happy buyer of the v40 ltd edition.”

JS London


I recently purchased the Blue Aura V32 valve amp and am immensely pleased with product, not only the quality but the sales service & support which has been second to none. The design is a beautiful mix of retro and sci-fi, looks striking as a music system and is pride of place in my house. The build quality is fantastic too and oozes quality craftsmanship all over. The phono stage connects any turntable without the messy requirement of a pre-amp and the additional feature of the Bluetooth connection allows crystal clear streaming with a super easy set up. The amp was purchased with the Blue Aura PS40 passive speakers in high gloss black which deliver a great sound along with an expensive look, the magnetic grill gives a further option depending on individual taste which is a nice touch. I am extremely impressed with both the V32 Amp & PS40 speakers, it delivers everything you would want from a compact music system and deserves a 5 star recommendation.

JK Hertfordshire


Many thanks for the v40 amp which arrived with me promptly on Thursday, 6th July.

I am delighted with the physical appearance of the unit, which I think is very well finished, as well as being neat and elegant in design – a viewpoint which was also endorsed by my wife who, like many women, isn’t overly enthused by the aesthetics of hi-fi boxes. I’ve now set up the v40, using my Lenovo Ideapad 510 laptop (which holds my CD collection, ripped using Windows Media Player at the best lossless level), which I use solely as a music server, along with my little Sonus Faber Toy speakers – the whole comprising a supplementary system which is situated in my lounge.

To date I have tested the system with a range of tracks – generally I listen to a wide range of vocal and instrumental music, but I’m not into rock – and my initial reaction is that sonically the v40 is a superb little amplifier, very detailed, and with that smoothness of valve reproduction. Overall, a lovely sound. 

Many thanks for all the information which you have supplied, and for a beautiful product – it certainly lives up to the review which I’d read some months ago in “HiFi Choice”, and also the information which you have made available online.

Best wishes for your continued success.”

JB Nottingham


Bought this recently and had a week now of connecting, testing and listening. Impressed immediately with not only the sales service, but the quality of this amp. Slightly bigger and heavier than I expected which was a good thing! Bluetooth connection was straight forward and so far, very quick and reliable. Really impressed with the connectivity given the on-board phono stage, x1 rca line in, x1 single line in, sub out and headphones out. Pretty much covers everything!

As mentioned had a week to run the valves in so still a bit away from hearing it really sing but so far, very impressed. I live in a flat so volume is an issue but this gives me more than enough with some to spare. I wanted quality and it hasn’t disappointed. My vinyl has an extra warmth and detail whilst streaming is crystal clear without the harshness when the volume is pushed.

This is a really well designed, optioned and built piece of kit that is a terrific entry point for anyone looking to enter the realm of tube amplification. Highly recommend!

IW London

Blackline Home Audio System

Just to let you know the V40, PG1 coupled with the PS40’s sound excellent. I have blue toothed an Alexa dot to the amp so we can use the Spotify and Amazon music services via voice command.

SP Northamptonshire

Having purchased from Blue Aura some time ago I cannot recommend them enough. The speakers produce a beautifully rich sound and look very stylish too.My experience with Blue Aura customer services has been great, I received a very quick response to my query and a prompt resolution to my issue. Thanks again!

EL London

Just wanted to share how satisfied I am with my latest purchase. Yesterday I received my Blue Aura Blackline V40 tube amp and I must say I’m very happy.Despite the fact that it has a somewhat simple DAC I think it sounds absolutely superb through my KEF LS50 speakers when connected to my computer and Tidal. I think that the V40 and the LS50 is a match made in heaven. This leads me to the conclusion that sound quality is not about the highest bitrate or how many watts are put out by the amp. There’s so much more involved. As it seems however, you have hit the right spot with the V40-amp. Thanks and I look forward to see how your company develops in the future.”

Daniel Sweden

“I saw the Black line at Harbour City in HK. It sounded way above excellent given it’s mini size which shocked me! You have a world-class product!”

Peter, Singapore

Blackline Home Audio System

The packing was great and everything in superb condition. I love the fact that the turntable is Bluetooth so can be situated anywhere, this does not, as far as I can hear, degrade the sound at all. The sound is fantastic and very defined and as you mentioned earlier the sound definitely gets better as the valves warm up.  

PB Scotland


Connected with Q Accoustics 3020 gives an incredible warm tone. Bluetooth has been very stable no dropping out or noise.

The remote is horrible, it like a $1.99 remote. I only ever used it to initiate bluetooth paring. If they put a bluetooth pair button on the unit then you wouldn’t need it at all.

But I give 5 stars because the amp is worth 7 stars and even if I take one off for the remote that is still 6 stars 🙂 Seriously the sound is so good I have to give 5 stars. Cant be bothered to get upset about the remote.

5 Star Amazon Review

My search is over this looks the part and for me the performance is very complete .I use it with Bower and Wilkins 683 s 2 speekers and there is plenty of power.

5 Star Amazon Customer Review

A super little amplifier which glows in the dark like a Sci-Fi retro-style power station and has produced beautiful sound from every audio source that I’ve plugged into it over the last few weeks. This will make you rediscover your music collection.

The Bluetooth input option is very useful when you’re accessing music stored on a network drive via an I-Pad. It really is worth adding a high quality powered sub-woofer to bring just that little bit extra to the bass. I’m glad that they thought of providing a sub out socket to make that so easy.

I’ve tried it with a Pro-Ject turntable, which produces a line level output from an Ortofon magnetic pickup cartridge and that works well too. Don’t insult this amp by using a cheap ceramic pickup – it deserves better than that!

This was the best Christmas present that I have ever bought myself and I didn’t even have to say “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”

5 Star Amazon Customer Review

After recently obtaining the Blue Aura X10 Bluetooth Stereo speaker, I wouldn’t go for any other brand. Firstly, the look and finish of the product is very sleek and the cream outer leather compliments my kitchen nicely. The sound quality is definitely by far the best I have experienced when connecting my phone or tablet. The handy remote is also a plus. All in all a massive 10 out of 10 and would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a good quality wireless speaker.

CW Epsom UK

“Awesome bit of kit perfect cheers”

GR Yorks,UK

“This is my first venture into valve amps (v30) and I’m glad to say that I picked a great one. The sound is superb, the looks fantastic and the build quality first class. I’m listening to it as I write this review and I am just blown away by the clarity of the sound. Hook a decent set of head phones to it and it gets even better.After two weeks of ownership I still look forward to warming this beauty up after a hard day at work.

Customer support from Blue Aura is also first class.

What more can I say? Just buy one!”

Amazon review

After much research, I settled on Blue Aura’s Blackline System to re-enter the Hi-Fi scene. This system must be the best value for money system on the market, easy to set up and operate, with superb performance well above its price-point. The Blackline makes it easy to get into vinyl.

MG Bristol

WS30i Customer Product Review

Upon opening the package you will be pleasantly surprised at how complete this set is. Everything needed to get started is included: desktop stands, remote control with battery, power supply, jack to RCA cable, jack to jack cable, and the cable to connect the left and right speakers (and the speakers themselves).

Regarding the appearance: apart from the front and back, the speakers are wrapped in leather. This is not commonplace, and the effect is very nice. Due to their compact size, the speakers are easy to place anywhere. Whether they are used with the television, or on your desktop, they look great anywhere! If, like me, you have your speakers on your desktop the desktop stands will come in very handy! With the desktop stands, the speakers are positioned tilted directed at the ear of the listener. Also, the stands ensure acoustic insulation for the bass.

The remote control is very handy; all the speakers’ functions can be operated from, your armchair.

Connecting is easy: connect the power supply, connect the speakers with a source, connect the left and right speakers together, and let’s roll.

And most importantly: the sound.

I listen from classical to techno, from rock to reggae, and everything in between. These speakers really shine with all genres of music. The highs are crisp and detailed, and there’s plenty of bass where it’s needed. Also, the soundstage is much wider than to be expected given the size of the speakers.

As opposed to many other brands, the reflex port is situated at the front. This means that the speakers can be placed closer to the wall (Very useful on a crowded desktop). This also makes the bass more directed and detailed.

About the volume: there’s probably a lot more power in the amps than you will need. Besides that, the sound does not distort when you crank up the volume.

Blue Aura’s service is really fantastic. My speakers (bought locally) were missing the desktop stands. It took one e-mail, and a set of stands was received free of charge within a week!

And better still, when the remote control turned out to have been damaged during transport, a new remote was quickly sent.

Thank Blue Aura, and thanks Nick. You guys are the best!

So if you’re looking for a pair of compact and good looking speakers which sound great, the WS30i is your speaker!

FS Netherlands

“From start to finish stellar service!!”

Daniel – Oxford