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Frequently Asked Questions : Wireless Products

If you feel we have not answered a question, please email us at [email protected] 

How does the system work?

The WS80i system is supplied with everything required to enable you to play your music wirelessly. The supplied transmitter will send the audio signal at 2.4GHz to a receiver fitted in each speaker. The system is very robust and not prone to interference or audible delays. WS30i and WS10i have the potential to go wireless by adding the optional WSt transmitter

No wires, really?

No, not quite! The loudspeakers are active and require power. By using the transmitter plugged into a source device and the receiver built into each speaker the audio signal is sent wirelessly from the source device to the speakers.

Where is the Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) ?

Each amplifier is fitted with a Burr Brown (Texas Instruments) DAC which has been specifically designed for high quality audio transmission.

Can I add more Blue Aura wireless speakers to the system?

Yes, you can add as many as you require. There is no limit to the amount of speakers that can be added.

Can I buy more transmitters?

Yes, more transmitters and more source devices can be used.

Will the signal interfere with my home network and what if I am in an area with multiple internet routers?

If there are many wi-fi networks in the area, wireless range can decrease, however, by selecting another channel on your router the problem should be resolved. Blue Aura uses channels 1, 6 and 11 so please select 3, 8 or 13.

How far can the audio signal travel and will different types of walls reduce the signal strength?

If the transmitter and receiver are in line of sight, the signal can travel up to 25 meters easily. Some types of walls such as iron reinforced concrete may weaken the signal but generally you should expect very little effect on the wireless range.

Do I need any special software to use the transmitter?

No, if using a PC or Mac as the source device the transmitter should be recognised as a USB headset.
In some cases you may need to configure your PC or Mac but 9 times out of 10 its "plug and play".
Your default Media Player may require a setting change
...we are always available for support

What products can I plug the transmitter into?

A Mac or PC via a USB socket or, using the transmitter plus 3.5mm jack (or RCA) you can connect it to any device with a sound output/headphones jack. Your TV-set, your network media player, any mp3-player or your phone. When using 3.5mm mini jack or RCA connected to the transmitter, the USB power supply adapter will be needed. Everything you require is supplied in the WS80i system and the WSTxR kit can be purchased separately for WS30i. WS10i has the receiver built in, by purchasing the WSt transmitter separately the audio signal can be sent direct to the WS10i.

Can I use my existing stereo/receiver?

Yes, by connecting the transmitter to a headphone socket, (if available) and powering using the provided USB adapter, volume is adjusted on the stereo.

Or, if your stereo or receiver has a volume dependant pre-out it can also be used.

If I add more Blue Aura wireless speakers to my system, can the volume be controlled independently?

Yes, the remote control has been designed to allow for this function. 3 zones can be independently controlled with the volume control, for more information follow the link to the Instruction Manuals and select WS80 - page 9.

Can I send the audio signal wirelessly to my WS30 speakers?

You can, but only by buying the WSTxR separately. To include a wireless facility with WS30 would have been cost prohibitive so we have offered it as an option. The WSTxR kit comes with a transmitter AND receiver and connections are easily made. For more information see the WS30 instruction manual in Information Centre.

How long is the USB connection cable from the transmitter?

The cable is 100mm long and has been designed to conveniently tuck into the casing when not being used. If the transmitter is plugged into a device, (e.g. PC) located in an inaccessible area, USB 2.0 extensions cables are available from retailers and will not interfere with the signal.

What computer operating systems are supported?

Mac (OSx10.xx), Wndows XP (service pack 2) Windows 7, 8 and Vista.

Can I use my Blue Aura remote control to select tracks on my Mp3 player.

No, the Blue Aura remote can be used to control volume, select channels and other multi-zone functions. There are applications available online that will enable you to control your media player/i-tunes remotely; – check the Splashtop Remote App combined with Splashtop Streamer. The other functions on the remote are for future Mp3 player related Blue Aura products.

What type of battery is used in the remote control

CR2032 button cell

My TV does not have RCA or USB out, are there any other ways to connect?

If your TV has Optical Out then this can be used in conjunction with an external DAC. These are available for reasonable prices from retailers.
Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Can I use the Transmitter and Receiver with my existing audio equipment?

Yes, WAS1 is the WSTxR and WSt receiver and transmitter combination which can be used to send and receive the audio signal wirelessly. Connect the transmitter to your source device and the receiver to your existing audio equipment* For example, connect the transmitter to a spare USB socket on a laptop or a headphone socket on an Mp3 player and the receiver to an audio input* on your amplifier.
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