Author: Nick Holland

Why vinyl is making a comeback!

If you’re into music and you’ve not been living under a rock, the past few years, you’ll know that vinyl is making a huge comeback. More and more of us are opting to get back to searching for and collecting those flat black bits of plastic that make that oh so magical sound.

But why is vinyl so popular again? We came up with 5 good reasons why and some exciting news on the Blue Aura front!

  • Vinyl is for those with good musical taste – ever wondered why when you visit any record store, you’ll not find many modern, over-produced ‘pop’ records? The simple reason is that those who listen to vinyl are discerning in their tastes and tend to be more drawn to artists with integrity and who write their own material. Great songwriting is high on the agenda and those who buy vinyl have an ear for good production. This means that even if Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ sold over 150,000,000 copies in 2012, then chances are, you’re not going to find it in a vinyl record store.
  • Vinyl sounds better than digital! – better than MP3s could ever sound, vinyl has a warmer, richer sound. If you are new to vinyl, you’ll notice the sound quality in comparison to digital has more clarity and vibrancy. This is because audio is compressed when it is broadcast on the airwaves or put on to a phone or tablet. The ear responds better to analogue sound and if you read our blogs, you can learn more about the technical reasons for this, but take it from us, you’ll prefer the sound of vinyl, hands-down.
  • Shopping for vinyl is more of an experience – taking an afternoon to linger in a record store, searching for a hidden gem can become addictive and more of a hobby than a chore. If you are a vinyl collector, you’ll know how exciting it is as well as stimulating for the senses to purchase a record, bring it home and put it on to the turntable for the first time. It takes more time and is more of a ritual than a quick, easy and throw-away download done from your laptop or phone.
  • Vinyl can be lucrative! – when you purchase an MP3 on iTunes, there is no way to turn that investment into something that will make you money down the line. The reason is that you don’t physically own it. You just license it. With vinyl, there is an entire community of collectors who know and understand that this commodity can hold or even increase in value as time goes on.
  • Let’s face it, vinyl is cool! – There is just something about coming home with a loved one or inviting friends over and putting on a piece of music on vinyl. It is tactile, a ritual and very smooth. Whatever your musical tastes, putting a vinyl record on, pouring a glass of something and enjoying the sound that vinyl produces will give you something far more special than merely saying “Alexa”.

In September, Blue Aura will be launching our very own PG1 turntable to complete the Backline series. Not only is it a fantastic stand-alone product but with the ps40 speakers and v40 amp, the TT will complement the system. We also supply a range of tasty accessories to accompany your TT and maximise performance. Finally, Blue Aura has a vinyl offering to satisfy any audiophile wanting to start or optimise their vinyl collection. If you’re a Blue Aura system owner, you’ll know how warm and sweet the valve amp technology already sounds when playing Bluetooth connected digital audio. So imagine how playing vinyl through the system will sound!

So, what’s the exciting news from Blue Aura?

What’s also exciting is that we are offering one lucky person the change to WIN one of our PG1 TTs! Simply sign up to our newsletter and leave us a comment on Facebook and your details will be put into our draw.

Visit to view the full range of Blue Aura products and to sign up to our newsletter!

Does the human ear prefer analog or digital sound?

The complex mystery of why the human being responds emotionally to music has long been a subject that many scientists have written about and lectured on. The mystery deepens when the distinct difference between listening to a vinyl record as opposed to listening to a digitally reproduced piece is discussed and poses the question – “why will most human beings recognize that analogue sound is a more physical experience than that of ones and zeros?”.

Vinyl is analogue and emits not only the replication of live sound due to sound waves being physically engraved on it but offers a physical movement of the air when you listen to it. Digital recordings take these live music sessions and translate it to a series of ‘bits’. The difference between analogue and digital waves is that analog waves are smooth and continuous and digital waves are stepping, square and. When something intervenes with the original reverberations of a collection of notes as the brain seems to with digital, a part of the music is lost. Digital waves put a separation between the live performer and the listener, as if losing a ‘connection’ to the underlying and true ‘feel’ of the performance. Analog on the other hand represents a physical impression of the original live performance, which offers a direct link between the performer ‘at that very moment’ and the recording.

The human ear is also analog. A feeling, responding organ. Sound waves strike the ear drum and cause it to physically vibrate. These vibrations pass to three small bones in the middle ear known as the ossicles. They are called malleus, incus, and stapes and were given their Latin names for their distinctive shapes. These bones are also referred to as the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. Once passing over these small bones, the sound vibrations are transmitted to a series of tiny tubes, within which are tiny hair cells that pick up the vibrations and convert them to nerve impulses which are in-turn interpreted by the brain as sound. The question is however, is whether the brain and its interpretation of what we hear is an analog or digital process.

Edward Singlerland in Trying Not To Try ‒ The Art and Science of Spontaneity argues that the brain is in fact analog in its function – “No one would deny that our sensory organs are analog –  sound waves and light waves impress themselves on our embodied mind in much the same way that analog recordings and photographs are made”.

There is one aspect of the mystery which we haven’t discussed and that is of the individual listener, their preference and how they have come to decide whether they prefer analog or digital sound. Those who may not be old enough to remember vinyl may feel that to them, the straight, conformed and square waves of digital is more akin to what they are used to listening to. Whereas the old-school vinyl lover may reel at the thought of listening to anything but the smooth tones of an analog device. Those of us who remember and regularly listen to both technologies may decide that some music fits analog and others, digital. Whatever your upbringing, taste or listening preference, one thing remains true. Music evokes our emotions, lift and tumbles our moods and can imprint reflect our very soul. It’s a wonder and a miracle and is one of the amazing aspects of life that makes and keeps us human.

Get ‘wirelessly connected’ this Valentine’s day!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there is no avoiding the most ‘romantic’ day of the year (even if you want to!). Reminders that Valentine’s day is upon us are everywhere you look and for those of us who have a loved one, we may decide to celebrate Valentine’s day in the traditional way with cards and flowers, chocolates and champagne or perhaps a trip to a favourite location for a romantic break away. However, for some of us, the thought of sitting in a restaurant, forced to be google-eyed and soppy for a day we may feel is commercialising love and relationships, might just not be our thing.

Whatever your views on February 14th, there is one thing that can’t help but touch our emotions and pull on the heart strings no matter what time of year. For centuries, music has been used to profess and speak of matters of the heart through generations of genres and styles. A highly controversial and startling explanation of the genesis of love songs can be read in Denis De Rougemont’s thesis ‘Love in the Western World’, where he explains that the ‘love’ song was developed from the early courtly songs of the troubadours and that these songs represented their rejection of the historical Christian notion of love.

Wherever the love song originated, we’d like to ‘keep it light’ and turn your thoughts to the sounds that evoke love, romance and to celebrate Valentine’s day and the ever-evolving art of music for love. We have found 5 number 1 hits, still played and remembered for turning up that inner-flame and getting in the mood for ‘amour’ as well as sourcing some interesting facts about how they reached number 1.

5 – Baby Love – The Supremes
When Baby Love reached the top of the charts in 1964, The Supremes became the first Motown act to have 2 number 1’s, with their previous single “Where Did Our Love Go?” also achieving pole position.

4 – Part-time Lover – Stevie Wonder
This 1985 hit was penned by Wonder and to his own admission, was heavily inspired by two of The Supremes Motown hits ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ and ‘My World Is Empty Without You’. This was his 9th number 1 and the first single to top 5 different billboard charts.

3 – This Guy’s in Love with You – Herb Alpert
In 1968, Herb Alpert sang this Burt Bacharach / Hal David number to his wife on a beach in Malibu in a CBS TV special. The very next day, the network was hounded with calls from viewers, requesting to purchase the ditty. A day after, A&M released it as a single and it became the label’s first number 1.

2 – Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston
In 1986, this Michael Masser and Linda Creed composition for the film ‘The Greatest’, a Muhammad Ali biopic, was released as a B-Side for Whitney’s first Arista single. Months later, radio airplay propelled it out as the fifth single from Houston’s debut album.

1 – Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
This 1981 classic was originally composed by Lionel for producers Jon Peters and Franco Zeffirelli for the film “Love Story”. Originally requested without lyrics, later Zeffirelli changed his mind and asked not only for lyrics but for a female voice to be added, “someone like Diana Ross”!

This is just a tiny selection of the hundreds, if not thousands of love songs, heralded over the years to evoke both happy memories of love as well as the agony of heart break. You’ll have your own thoughts on what Valentine’s day means to you and whether you’ll be celebrating it with a smile or through gritted teeth. One thing is for sure, there is no denying that there is an iconic love song out there for all of us and we’ll be asking you what YOUR favourite love song is on our Facebook @blueauraspeakers, so keep an eye out for the post, we’d love to hear from you.
In the meantime, if you are considering spending Valentine’s day evening in, listening to some smooth tunes to get you in the romantic state of mind, why not consider a look at our extensive range of high-tech, valve amplification, wirelessly connective sound systems? With the ability to play music through our systems using your iPhone or device, CD, TV or Vinyl, there has never been so much choice when it comes to sourcing and listening to the very best music, whether current or old-school.

For more information on our valve tech products, visit our products page at and who knows, if you’re panicking about what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s, there may be one or two gift ideas in there, if you hurry!

A new year brings new opportunities with Blue Aura Audio!

We are successfully expanding our distribution of affordable, valve technology Hi-Fi systems to stores which reach out to those who are passionate about all things ‘creative’. We believe there is a natural synergy between what we do and those establishments with the vision to promote and sell creatively inspired goods and beautiful sound quality, high-tech equipment.

The opportunity itself is highly advantageous as we offer a very competitive dealer margins. Independent record stores, musical instrument stores, book stores and traditional hi-fi retailers on the high street are already reaping the benefits and selling Blue Aura products fast!

If you are an independent music store or musical instrument stockist, you’ll most likely, already be acquainted with valve amplification, and offering products like pro-amps, such as those made by Marshall & Fender, meaning you’ll be well equipped to talk to your new and existing customers expertly about the Blue Aura valve amp systems with passion and enthusiasm. If you run a book store or art establishment, you know that your customers will be discerning in all things emotive and will want to satisfy their desires for great visuals as well as high-quality sound in anything they purchase.

Alongside a demonstration product offer, we can provide full customer technical support and in-store training. Our award-winning products are retro-styled with contemporary features, such as Bluetooth connectivity. There is even the potential to drop-ship directly to your customers, offering convenience and a fast delivery service to the end user. We’ll also list you as a stockist on the Blue Aura website and include your store in our social media channels, creating awareness to a huge potential target audience.

Heffers of Cambridge is a vast bookshop that has served Cambridge’s locals, students, tourists and academics since 1876. Although Heffers’ main-focus is to supply an extensive range of books which cover all subjects, from Archaeology to Zoology, they also provide their customers with a wide range of alternative, high-quality items, many supplied by local, independent companies. Taking pride of place in the window display and in-store at Heffers now features the Blue Aura Backline range, with attractive POS and a demonstration model to create an eye-catching display. The store attracts those who are keen on the arts, creatives, academics and music-lovers alike and so it was a no-brainer for the store to accept the Blue Aura range due to its local heritage, superb sound quality and beautiful design. Check out their website

Music Street is a privately-owned guitar and amp store based in Huntingdon, Cambridge shire with customers ranging from weekend warriors and young beginners to professional guitar players such as Rob Harris from Jamiroquai (who also happens to own a Blue Aura V40 Backline Limited Edition!). They have recently started stocking Blue Aura Products in store and on their website. Owner Tony Rawson commented,
“Here at Music Street we are amazed at the high quality of the Blue Aura systems – crystal clear tones, just like music should sound!”

Why not chat directly with Andy at or visit the store for an enormous range of superb guitars and a stellar cup of coffee, as well as the Blue Aura range of products!

In the meantime, if you’d like to have a chat with us about stocking Blue Aura products in your store. Call us on (0)1480 477738, or email [email protected].


Bring in the New Year with Blue Aura

Celebrate Jools Holland’s 2017/18 Hootenany in superb sound from Blue Aura!

To celebrate 2017 in music, this New Year’s Eve will see the 25th annual Hootenanny, presented by Jools Holland and aired on the BBC.
Holland is a world-famous composer, musician and band leader, previously an original member of the band Squeeze and has worked with artists such as Sting, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Bono from U2. In the 1980’s he hosted Channel 4’s cult youth show, ‘The Tube’ and since 1992 has hosted his iconic, ‘Later With’, show on the BBC, which he celebrated 25 years, 50 shows and over 360 episodes, this year at The Royal Albert Hall.

So, what is the annual Hootenanny?
If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging a Hootenanny with Jools, along with hundreds of talented musicians and stars who have appeared over the past 25 years, the show serves as a festive spectacular for ‘Later With’ Jools’ iconic TV musical homage. Since 1992, the show has been delivering a festive line-up of musical acts to celebrate seeing out the year and welcoming the new! Artists such as Adele, Kylie Minogue, Vampire Weekend, Jessie J and Haim have all been featured on past editions of the TV Show and this year, along with Jools’ very own Rhythm and Blues Orchestra playing a seasonal and celebratory medley of tracks.

Who is performing this year?
This year will see performances from global chart topper Ed Sheeran as well as entertainment from Jessie Ware, Beth Ditto and Soul II Soul. Sheeran will be entertaining us with songs from his third album, plus a mystery song that is said to be a surprising twist on a classic rock cover. Jessie Ware will be covering a Nina Simone classic as well as songs from her third album, ‘Glasshouse’. Former Gossip front woman, Beth Ditto will be performing songs from her debut album, ‘Fake Sugar’.

Gospel soul legend, Mavis Staples, who is now celebrating her 78th year, will be joining the festivities with songs from her latest album ‘If All I Was, Was Black’, as well as the likes of Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Beat, starring Dave Wakeling, George McCrae, José Feliciano, Ruby Turner, and The Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards.

So, when can you watch Jools’ Annual Hootenanny?
As-of-yet, Christmas TV listings have not been published in full, but we know it will be aired on NYE 2017. Traditionally, the show has taken place at 11pm to 1am on BBC Two, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

And most importantly, how can I listen in style?
As TV’s are getting thinner, so is the sound. With no space for decent speakers in modern TV technology, you’re going to need a system to really get a decent audio sound and to revel in the full glory of The Hootenanny!
We suggest that the Blue Aura x30 and x30 Plus Sub could be just the ticket to really boost the sound of the Hootenanny to epic proportions! Some would say it’s like being at the TV studio itself!

The x30 is an active stereo loudspeaker system that sets new standards for wireless connectivity over Bluetooth, offering outstanding audio sound to compliment your viewing pleasure. It’s simple to upgrade your TV audio by using Digital Optical Connection.

As with all Blue Aura loudspeakers, the x30 is presented in a sumptuous faux leather finish. x30’s are available in a choice of Graphite, Sahara or Polar White finishes. Additional features are, Sub Out for those who desire more bass and a USB socket for the Blue Aura WAS1 Transmitter and Receiver option, the benefits of which are extended signal range and the option to connect a range of audio devices, including your TV!

Where can I purchase Blue Aura x30’s?
That’s easy! Just click on the link to our website and order on line, in time for your Christmas and Hootenanny celebrations, or visit your local dealer who can be found here UK dealers …and get stuck into some serious New Year festivities!

From all of us here at Blue Aura, have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


Cinema sound in your living room

TVs, though growing larger in screen are getting thinner. Emerging technology means that our modern at-home screens can be so thin; we can hang them on our walls like pieces of art. There are even TVs that come cleverly disguised as mirrors or paintings until we want to use them for our viewing pleasure.

With TV technology becoming more innovative, with bigger and better screens, many of us want to watch our favourite movies in the comfort of our own homes, preferring to snuggle on the sofa with our popcorn and a glass of wine to watch a blockbuster, rather than having to sit in the cinema, alongside complete strangers, whispering and chattering, rustling sweet wrappers and occasionally flashing their mobile phones to send a text or even film the movie!! The TV has become the king of the living room and is growing in popularity as a home-cinema style device.

But what about the sound?
TVs have become so thin nowadays, that there is simply not enough room for a good quality loudspeaker, so King Kong can now sound less like an abnormally gigantic ape, but more like your pet hamster, Dave!
So, what’s the solution to the reedy, skinny sound emitting from these super-slim and super-sized TV screens?

Blue Aura have recognised that great quality sound shouldn’t just be readily available for your CD, vinyl player or hand held music device or phone. The sound of your TV can be just as epic and with a simple upgrade purchase, your favourite movie can move you once more and create that home cinema sound you’re really looking for.
If you own, or are thinking of purchasing a newer technology TV for cinematic viewing in your own home, why not consider a sound upgrade? The Blue Aura x30 and x30 Plus Sub could be just the ticket to really boost your sound and wow your living room audience.

The x30 is an active stereo loudspeaker system that sets new standards for wireless connectivity over Bluetooth, to create an outstanding audio experience. It’s simple to upgrade your TV audio by using Digital Optical Connection. You can also stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth from tablets, smartphones and laptops & connect CD players, tuners and radios using an RCA audio cable, so these smart looking and awesome sounding speakers really can enhance your listening pleasure, whether via your TV or your full range of devices.
As with all Blue Aura loudspeakers, the x30 is presented in a sumptuous faux leather finish. x30’s are available in a choice of Graphite, Sahara or Polar White finishes. Additional features are, Sub Out for those who desire more bass and a USB socket for the Blue Aura WAS1 Transmitter and Receiver option, the benefits of which are extended signal range and the option to connect multiple source devices, including your TV!.

Any customer going into store to buy a modern style TV should now be approached by the sales assistant to advise and inform them that if they want a big sound to match their big shiny and impressive TV, a sound upgrade is a must. So, next time you’re in store, listen out for the savvy sales professionals who really know how to maximize their customer’s cinematic experience at home with a simple, yet very effective additional purchase.

To take a look at our x30 speakers as well as the full range of Blue Aura products, visit Blue Aura x30

Blue Aura attend The Indulgence Show 2017

From the 29th September to the 1st October 2017, Blue Aura made our first appearance at The Indulgence Show 2017, based in one of London’s most prestigious exhibition and conference centres, The Hammersmith International Centre, Novotel London West.

The Indulgence Show is an exciting luxury audio and lifestyle experience, featuring the world’s best home and portable audio entertainment solutions, alongside lifestyle products and show stopping entertainment. Hosted at The Hammersmith International Centre, The Indulgence Show is the UKs biggest audio show, offering visitors the opportunity for a great day out and to indulge themselves in the finest audio products, as well as a free photography exhibition by a legendary rock photographer, classic cars, Q&A’s from Grammy Award Winners and a chance to win some cool kit!

As the trend for portable and high-end audio solutions for the home soars, this has led to a multitude of product options. ‘Indulgence’ brings prestigious and well-known brands from around the globe, all under one roof, enabling hands-on time to experience some of the finest products around, as well as other lifestyle indulgences.

Blue Aura weren’t going to miss the opportunity to take part in this, hugely popular event so that we could exhibit our range of superb, valve amplifier systems, allowing wireless connectivity for superior listening quality. Our products on show included the v40 Limited Edition Amplifier, PS40 Limited Edition Loudspeakers, PH1 phono stage (new product for winter), setup with a Clearaudio Concept Turntable kindly loaned by Clearaudio (DE), the HP1 Headphone Amplifier (potential new product, used this show to gauge customer feedback), the v32 Amplifier and matching ps30 loudspeakers and Blue Aura x-sub sub-woofer and x40 Floor-standing Bluetooth loudspeakers.

Visitors were aplenty and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s ‘Couldn’t Stand The Weather’ played through the v40 Backline on vinyl certainly grew the crowd due to the sound quality this, limited edition system lent to the record. Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris made an appearance when enticed by the tune. “I’ve heard this record played many times, but I’ve never heard it with this kind of warmth, clarity and depth of quality on vinyl as I have today through this piece of kit” he commented.

To add to the excitement to the day, Blue Aura ran a free prize draw to win a v38 Backline Hifi System, with promotion team member ‘Libby’ handing out leaflets to passers-by and encouraging them to take part in the competition. You may have seen her (the little lady with the Blue Aura baseball cap!). The winner will soon be announced on our website and social media, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Indulgence show proved a huge success and a chance for the Blue Aura team to catch up with loyal customers as well as those who expressed an interest in hearing, for the first time how valve technology paired with the latest innovations in wireless connection equals high-quality listening pleasure at a price that is, simply too good to resist!

Munich High End 2017

Munich in May.
The Munich High End show is, in our opinion the best audio show in Europe for Hi-Fi, there are other big shows but pure audio seems to take a back seat to TV’s and even white goods whereas the Munich show is ostensibly audio related.

Held at the MOC Arena just outside the City, the exhibition area is vast and can take a full day to fully digest. Products on display range from middle end to ridiculously high end and if you are into your music/audio a visit to the show is highly recommended. Of course there is also the centre of Munich to visit which is very nice in May just as the warmer weather arrives.

Having exhibited previously we are aware that this exhibition brings excellent brand exposure which is key for a still growing company. However this year, as we had already exhibited at the Bristol show in February we took the opportunity to meet with our Distribution partners.
Munich High End is the ideal meeting place as it brings together audio people from all over the world.

Our next exhibition is in September at the Indulgence Show Hammersmith, where we will be demonstrating some exciting new additions to our Blackline range.



Bristol Sound & Vision 2017

This year we will be exhibiting in cooperation with Hi Fi World magazine.

The Bristol show has come at exactly the right time for us to demonstrate our Blackline range of products, including the much heralded v40 integrated valve amplifier.

For the Bristol show we are taking this opportunity to focus on our Blackline range, as we seem to have found a niche market for this type of product, “affordable” valve amplifiers with modern day facilities such as Bluetooth.
Due to the success of the v40 we have been considering whether to extend our range by adding a stand-alone headphone and phono stage to aesthetically match the v40. As always, we will be talking to our Distribution partners, who we work closely with from the outset of any potential new product.

In fact it is due to this collaboration that we developed the ps40 Limited Edition loudspeaker. Our dealers were telling us that the v40 amplifier justified a more “high end “ loudspeaker and while we felt the (“outstanding” Hi Fi World) ps40 loudspeakers were man enough for the job we realised that there was an opportunity to add a more audiophile pair of loudspeakers to our range.

Bristol Sound & Vision will also see the launch of v32, a new addition to our Blackline range. A “wolf in sheep’s clothing” the v32 is the third generation hybrid valve amplifier following on from our popular v30, and v30i.

We will tell you all about the v32 in a future blog

If you are at the Bristol show, please come along to the Hi Fi World stand on the ground floor near to the entrance to see our products and meet the team.

What’s in a name

2017 is Blue Aura’s seventh year as a consumer electronics brand, which means that we are still a relatively young company in what is a very competitive market.

When the company was formed, we knew the type of products we wanted to offer to consumers, but we didn’t have a registered brand name. We wanted to ensure the name would reflect the character of the products and our brand ethos. It quite simply had to reflect what we aspire to be, as an innovative, and hopefully evocative brand.
The origin of the name is one of those frequently asked questions, both by customers and newly appointed distribution partners. ‘How did the name originate?’

A relatively easy task you would think.

Once a brand name is decided upon, it’s not actually usable (or able to be registered) until its availability is checked with the Intellectual Property office and, if a website domain of the same name is required, that also needs to be available. After many hours of toing and froing from domain name providers and the IP office we settled upon Blue Aura.
The reasons? Blue is generally accepted as the colour for all things wireless; Bluetooth, wireless symbols, antenna signal, and our interpretation of Aura is associated to the wireless signal that surrounds us, atmosphere, cloud…So it seemed the perfect name and it was available.

Audio consumer trends are constantly evolving and as a company we strive to maintain our original product development mandate. Whether it’s streaming music from a Tablet or Smartphone or listening through more conventional Hi Fi equipment, we aim to produce innovative products that will improve the sound from all types of audio devices.
We are still at the start of the Blue Aura journey, but that is how the story began.


v40 Sound Enhancements

V40 Sound Enhancements

When developing our v40 amplifier we specifically wanted to use good quality, well respected but commercially available valves and we chose the JJ Electronics ECC82/12AU7; a good European valve.

We are now receiving feedback from customers testing other brands of ECC82/12AU7 and letting us know how they got on.

Eric in the states tells us he tried a pair of Amperex Bugle Boys and they were just “wow” and made a significant sound improvement.

Valves are feely available from specialist stockists. If you have tried other valves with your v40 please let us know how you got on at [email protected] and we will report it here.

Of course this should only be done if you feel competent enough and could render the warranty invalid if the amplifier is damaged.

The Perfect Christmas Present

The v40 Limited Edition is now available to pre-order – contact [email protected] to register interest in this strictly limited edition production run and we will reserve one of these beautifully presented systems for you. More information can be found here v40 Limited Edition.

Primarily sold as a combined amplifier/loudspeaker system, both the v40 LE amplifier and the ps40 LE loudspeakers can also be purchased separately.

ps40 Limited Edition

Acoustic testing finalised for our ps40 Limited Edition Loudspeakers.
Listening tests concluded today for our new ps40 Limited Edition loudspeakers which will be available early January 2017.
The inclusion of the AMT tweeter and upgraded drive unit have certainly paid dividends; plenty of controlled low frequencies,  balanced mid band and clear, yet smooth top end.
We are hoping to announce a couple of reference dealers soon who will demonstrate the v40 LE system.

Don’t forget to email [email protected] if you would like to pre-order the system.

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