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v32 Blackline

Vintage charm, classic sound and multi-source connectivity.

Enjoy the warm, smooth sound valve amplification provides with the new v32.
The latest addition to our Blackline range of stylishly designed hi-fidelity audio products; the v32’s understated design belies its abilities and quality of construction.

The compact, sleek enclosure offers a comprehensive set of inputs and facilities enabling connection of all types of source devices.

An inbuilt Phono stage is provided to connect Turntables directly, stream music from Tablets and Smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 (Inc. aptX). Connect CD players and Tuners using the 3.5 mini-jack or Auxiliary inputs and laptops and computers by micro USB.

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Don’t be deceived the dark, brooding looks.

The restrained design hides a myriad of impressive features. This versatile yet affordable valve amplifier has been developed for consumers looking to improve the sound from all their music devices. The two audio processing valves deliver the authentic High-Fidelity sound that valve amplification is renowned for; smooth and balanced yet revealing.

Vinyl Revival
Revisit your record collection to hear the subtle nuances that vinyl reproduces. The inbuilt phono stage allows direct connection to Turntables.
More contemporary methods of connection are available by means of Bluetooth which includes aptX.



Form and Function

The compact and austere design of the v32 conveys a feeling of robustness and high build quality.
Yet behind the engraved aluminium front plate hides a wealth of features designed with the end user in mind.

As with all Blue Aura products our design principle is based on offering consumers products that deliver a sound upgrade for all source devices. The v32 offers plug and play connectivity with multiple music sources, including Turntables and Bluetooth enabled streaming devices;laptops tablets and smartphones.
The remote control allows track Forward/Pause/Back when using Bluetooth as a source. 

Low frequencies can be further enhanced by adding a subwoofer and a Headphone connection is located on the back of the unit.

  • Model

    v32 Integrated Valve Amplifier

  • Amplifier Type

    Class A/B

  • Product Height


  • Product Width


  • Product Depth


  • Product Weight


  • Power Output

    20w per channel

  • Frequency Response

    20Hz–20KHz +/- 1.5dB

  • Harmonic distortion


  • Signal to noise ratio


  • Input Impedance

    47K Ω

  • Input Sensitivity

    1.0V +/- 25%

  • Output impedance

    4 / 8 Ω

  • Vacuum tube Type

    6n1x2 6e2x1

  • Audio Inputs

    Phono/RCA/USB micro/3.5mm mini jack/Bluetooth 4.0 (aptX)

  • Audio Outputs

    Sub Out and Headphone out (32-64O)

  • Phono Type

    M/M 500mv/47kO


24BIT 96KHz

  • Power Supply

    AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

  • Colour Options



Included in the box..

v32 Valve Amplifier
Remote Control
Instruction Manual
RCA Cable
USB Micro cable 
3.5 Cable 
Power Cable
Bluetooth Antenna 

Accessories  xsub - add the Blue Aura subwoofer to further enhance lower frequencies.
ps40 loudspeakers  available in high gloss black or white.

Product information sheets and instruction manuals can be found in the information centre

Bought this recently and had a week now of connecting, testing and listening. Impressed immediately with not only the sales service, but the quality of this amp. Slightly bigger and heavier than I expected which was a good thing! Bluetooth connection was straight forward and so far, very quick and reliable. Really impressed with the connectivity given the on-board phono stage, x1 rca line in, x1 single line in, sub out and headphones out. Pretty much covers everything!
As mentioned had a week to run the valves in so still a bit away from hearing it really sing but so far, very impressed. I live in a flat so volume is an issue but this gives me more than enough with some to spare. I wanted quality and it hasn’t disappointed. My vinyl has an extra warmth and detail whilst streaming is crystal clear without the harshness when the volume is pushed.
This is a really well designed, optioned and built piece of kit that is a terrific entry point for anyone looking to enter the realm of tube amplification. Highly recommend!

IW London

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