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A truly unique hi-fi system

The Blackline Home Audio System is a sonically and aesthetically matched high-fidelity system which is driven by our award-winning v40 valve amplifier.

We have combined three of our premium products to create this true analogue system that offers the warm, detailed sound associated with valve amplification.

Each product is presented in a polished, high gloss black finish, and includes everything to enable you to start enjoying your music.

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Three products, one unique audio system

Now our customers have the opportunity to obtain a complete hi-fi system driven by a valve amplifier.

By combining our v40 amplifier with our new PG1 turntable, customers have the best of both worlds; the warm, detailed sound associated with valve amplification and the pure analogue signal a turntable provides.

The v40 amplifier is the hub of the system and will connect by hardwire or Bluetooth to the PG1.
v40 has RCA, USB micro B, 3.5mm mini-jack and Bluetooth 4.0 Inc. aptX inputs enabling all of your normal source devices to be connected.
Read more about v40 here

PG1 offers a pure analogue listening experience producing every detail with clarity and as the artist intended
Read more about PG1 here

ps40 loudspeakers are a two way, bass-reflex design loudspeaker with a bass reflex port situated on the back of the cabinet. ps40 delivers a balanced sound with uncompromising neutrality.
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“The Blue Aura philosophy is to design and produce high-quality audio products that are as equally pleasing to the eye as to the ear.”

The Blackline Home Audio System is a culmination of these values.

The high gloss black finish of the housings and contrasting chrome features create an elegant audio system which delivers exceptional quality audio across its full range of listening options.

The system is fully upgradeable and can be enhanced further with a variety of Blue Aura products such as a subwoofer, phono-pre-amplifier and a range of premium interconnects and turntable care accessories.

For more information about upgrade possibilities, visit the Support tab.



Amplifier Type
Power Output
Class A/B
30w per channel
Freq. Response. 23Hz – 100 kHz +/- 2dB
Harmonic distortion 30W/0.7% , 1W/0.18%
Signal to noise ratio 88dB ‘A’-weighted / 66 dB FLAT
Input Impedance 50K Ω
Input Sensitivity 580mV +/- 5% @30W
Output impedance 4 / 8 Ω
Vacuum tube type 12AU7/ECC82 x 2 6e2 x 1
Audio Inputs RCA/USB micro B/3.5mm
mini-jack/Bluetooth 4.0 inc. aptX
Audio Outputs Sub out (20Hz~850Hz)
Power Supply AC 230V/50Hz
Dimensions H: 148mm W: 264mm
D: 215 mm
Weight: 3.5Kg


High-Frequency Unit 1″ Soft Dome
Low-Frequency Unit 4″ Aluminium Cone
Frequency Range 45-20000Hz
Crossover Frequency 12d/B/Octave @ 3.0KHz
Max RMS Power 50 watts per channel
Dimensions H: 245mm W: 145mm D: 205mm
Weight 3.5Kg each


Nominal Speeds 33 1/3 & 45RPM
Speed Variance ±1.5%
Wow and Flutter ≤0.15%
Signal to Noise 55dB
Down force Range 3.0-6.0g
Effective Tonearm Length 8.6” (218.5mm)
Overhang 0.73in
Power Consumption 5W (Max.)
Outboard Power Supply 12V/ 500mA  AC-DC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 360 x 125mm
Net weight 4.8kgs
Inputs RCA/Bluetooth 4.0
Cartridge Type Audio Technica AT3600L
Cartridge Input Moving Magnet
Arm Type Audio Technica



Carton contents

  • 1x v40 amplifier Black
  • 1 x PG1 turntable Black
  • 1 pair ps40 loudspeakers Black
  • All connecting cables supplied.

A fully upgradeable system

We have a range of products that will enhance the system further.

PH1 Phono-pre-amplifier

A high-performance phono stage that supports M/M and M/C cartridges.
Supplies a sound upgrade when connected between v40 and PG1.

Premium Interconnects

The high-quality properties of the cable and terminations will ensure minimal signal loss and offer an overall improvement in sound.

Turntable & Vinyl Care

A range of accessories designed to complement your system.

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