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Frequently Asked Questions : Bluetooth Products

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Problems pairing your device?

Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your device, (check Setup or Settings); refer to your device manual. Pairing should be performed within one metre of the loudspeaker. The loudspeaker should be plugged in and turned on.

As well as the pairing button on the remote control, a button can be found on the rear of the loudspeaker to pair. Press and hold briefly to initiate a search of Bluetooth enabled devices.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication is a contactless way of pairing Bluetooth devices. NFC can be found in an ever-growing list of products. x-series loudspeakers are fitted with an NFC chip.
To be able to use NFC, the source device must also have this function. 

How do I know if I have NFC on my device?

Check your device Setup/Settings/Applications – or check your device manual.
More information about NFC can be found here
http://www.nfcworld.com/does-my-phone-have-nfc/ (by courtesy of NFC World)

When an NFC enabled device is within a few centimeters of the x-series loudspeaker, an audible tone will be heard, either to request authorization for initial pairing, (or, if previously connected) confirmation of successful pairing. Blue Aura cannot guarantee that all NFC enabled devices will successfully pair using the contactless method.

What is aptX?

aptX is an audio codec designed to deliver CD quality audio over Bluetooth. An improvement in audio quality can be expected if a source device has the aptX function.

How do I know if I have aptX on my device?

Check your device Setup/Settings/Applications – or check your device manual.
A list of devices currently using aptX can be found here
(by courtesy of CSR).

I don't have aptX on my device, how will that effect the sound?

Blue Aura loudspeakers are acoustically developed to very high standards and whether aptX is used or not, we are sure listeners will be very satisfied with their performance. aptX USB dongles are available to purchase on line from selected resellers.

How far will the Bluetooth signal travel?

Nominally ten metres, but this will depend on the strength of the signal transmitted by the source device.

How many devices will the loudspeaker remember after initial pairing?

Up to 8 devices will be remembered and will re-connect when within range. The loudspeaker will play sound from the first device it receives a signal from.

There is a USB socket on the back of x30 and x10, what is this for?

This is for the Blue Aura wireless receiver (only) and is part of the WAS1 transmitter and receiver option. The benefit of using WAS1 with x10 and/or x30 is extended signal range and the ability to add more source devices. By using WAS1, the signal is sent using a different radio frequency.

What type of signal does the Optical input accept?

The Optical input only accepts a PCM signal. Pulse Code Modulation is a method used to digitally represent a sampled analogue signal.

How long is the Blue Aura Quick Connect cable for x30 left and right speaker connection?

3metres. If a longer cable is required, standard Ethernet cable or extension cable can be used.

Can the loudspeakers be wall mounted?

Yes, x30 and x10 are fitted with an M6 insert for wall mounting.
Please ensure your walls are suitable for wall mounting and refer to the Product pages for weights. Blue Aura Wall Brackets are available here http://www.blueaura.co.uk/Wall_Brkts

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