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Frequently Asked Questions: Blackline Series

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What audio inputs are available on the v40?

RCA / USB Micro B / 3.5 mini jack / Bluetooth.
Check the v40 Connection Guide

What loudspeakers can I connect to the v40 amplifier?

Any 4/8 ohm passive loudspeakers, or our ps40 speakers which have been sonically matched with v40. 

Can I connect my Turntable to v40 or v30i?

If your Turntable has a built in Phono stage you can connect directly, however if it doesn't you will need to add a separate Phono Preamp.

How long after switch on does the amplifier take to warm up?

The amplifier will be operational after a minute or so, but optimum performance will take 10 - 15 minutes.

How to return v40 to default mode

Press the Mute Button on the remote control for 2 seconds and release
An audible beep will confirm Reset
This will return the v40 to the default volume and tone setting and erase all BT devices in the memory.

Is it ok to leave my amplifier on all day?

No, never leave your amplifier on when not in use and never leave it unattended.

How many listening hours can I expect from the tubes?

Between 5000 and 9000 hours.

What is aptX?

aptX is an audio codec designed to deliver CD quality audio over Bluetooth. An improvement in audio quality can be expected if a source device has the aptX function.

How do I know if I have aptX on my device?

Check your device Setup/Settings/Applications – or check your device manual.
A list of devices currently using aptX can be found here
(by courtesy of CSR).

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