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Ethical Policy Statement

We are strongly committed to ensuring the integrity of our company and we will only select business partners whose values are compatible with our own.

Ethical Standards
We will seek to identify and work with business partners who aspire both as individuals and in the conduct of their business to a set of ethical standards that are compatible with our own.

Health & Safety
We only utilise business partners who provide their workers with a safe and healthy work environment. Business partners who provide residential facilities for their workers must provide safe and healthy facilities.

Legal Requirements
We expect our business partners to be law abiding as individuals and as businesses to comply with all legal requirements relevant to the conduct of their business.

Employment Practices
We will only do business with partners whose workers are treated fairly and whose workers are in all cases present voluntarily, working in a safe environment, fairly compensated, allowed the right of free association and not exploited in any way.
In addition, every one of our business partners must adhere to the following:

Child Labour
Our business partners undertake never to employ child labour (i.e. a person under the age of 16 years). Furthermore, our business partners will not knowingly utilise partners or raw materials suppliers themselves who use or permit the use of child labour in any of their facilities.

Whilst we recognise and respect cultural differences, we strongly believe that workers must be employed on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on a basis of gender, racial characteristics or cultural or religious beliefs.

Documentation and Inspection
We retain the right to constantly monitor compliance, with these terms and conducts, with on-site inspection of facilities without notice. We will review and may terminate its relationship with any partner found to be in violation, as well as exercising any other rights and remedies to which we may be entitled under purchase orders issued by or through us, by law or otherwise.

Environmental Requirements
We will only do business with partners who share our commitment to protect and
preserve the environment. This specifically includes compliance with regulations prohibiting the use of ozone depleting chemicals (hydro chlorofluorocarbons).

What People Say

    • v32
      Bought this recently and had a week now of connecting, testing and listening. Impressed immediately with not only the sales service, but the quality of this amp. Slightly bigger and heavier than I expected which was a good thing! Bluetooth connection was straight forward and so far, very quick and reliable. Really impressed with the connectivity given the on-board phono stage, x1 rca line in, x1 single line in, sub out and headphones out. Pretty much covers everything!
      As mentioned had a week to run the valves in so still a bit away from hearing it really sing but so far, very impressed. I live in a flat so volume is an issue but this gives me more than enough with some to spare. I wanted quality and it hasn’t disappointed. My vinyl has an extra warmth and detail whilst streaming is crystal clear without the harshness when the volume is pushed.
      This is a really well designed, optioned and built piece of kit that is a terrific entry point for anyone looking to enter the realm of tube amplification. Highly recommend!

      IW London

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