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WS10i Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker

WS10i Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker

The WS10 stereo speaker is ideal where space may be limited or you do not want obtrusive loudspeakers in your home. The WS10i system is supplied with a remote control, elegant desk stand and all the necessary accessories to get you up and running. Any source device with Headphone Out, Line Out or RCA Out can be connected to the Analogue In socket on the rear of the speaker.

The speaker is fitted with a signal receiver allowing the option of sending the audio signal wirelessly from a source device by adding the WSt Blue Aura transmitter.


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Continuing our line of contemporary lifestyle products the WS10i has been designed to sit conveniently between the WS30i and WS80i within our product range. The WS10i is a single stand-alone stereo loudspeaker providing exceptional acoustics for a cabinet only 120mm deep.

Ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or home office it sits elegantly on top of the angled rubber desk stand for optimal sonic performance. Connect your Mp3 player or other source device to hear the excellent stereo imagery and clear detailed tones of this remarkable loudspeaker.

Go wireless by adding the optional WSt transmitter the audio signal can be sent wirelessly from your source device direct to the WS10i.      


The WS10 loudspeaker is covered with a soft faux leather material and is available in black or white with matching remote control and desk stand.

This is an active loudspeaker, meaning the amplifier is integral to the loudspeaker. The speaker will need to be located near to a wall socket as it does require power.


This single stereo speaker has been designed to allow for the option of adding a second WS10 to provide dedicated Left and Right speakers. This option can only be used when a Blue Aura transmitter is being employed to send the audio signal wirelessly. The channel selector switch on the back of each speaker has to be set appropriately L/R.

  • Model


  • Description

    Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker

  • Product Height


  • Product Width


  • Product Depth


  • Product Weight


  • Frequency Response

    50Hz - 22kHz

  • Tweeter

    2 x 25mm Soft Dome

  • Woofer

    115mm Paper Cone

  • Crossover Frequency


  • Amplifier Power

    45 Watt

  • Amplifer Type

    Class D/DSP

  • Wireless

    Wireless 2.4GHz

  • Wireless Range


  • Sub Out


  • Inputs

    3.5mm Analogue /USB

  • Remote Control


  • Enclosure

    18mm MDF

  • Colour Options


  • Grille


  • aptX


  • NFC (Near Field Connectivity)



Is it complicated to set up?

All the necessary connecting cables are supplied with the system to enable source devices to be connected directly to the speaker. 

When using the (optional)WSt transmitter to enable wireless operation...

Once connected to your source device, the transmitter will send the audio signal to the WS10 speaker wirelessly.

Additional Blue Aura speakers can be added to your home network, there is no  limit to how many can be used.

WS10i Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker

Blue Aura REVIEW
I really have to say you nailed it with the V40 if perfection exists then this is it.
I allowed the system to be broken in gently for a few days and wow the sound is amazing and even though the V30 was great this is far superior.
Great selling points are built in Bluetooth and a more powerful amp but also pairing with the PS40 speakers.
As I previously stated I have only nothing but praise for Blue Aura and the great customer service and products that you provide consider me part of the Blue Aura family

KM Bedford

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