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Price: £75.00
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WAS1 Wireless Audio Solution

WAS1 is the WSTxR and WSt receiver and transmitter combination which can be used to send and receive the audio signal wirelessly. Simply connect the transmitter to your source device and the receiver to your existing audio equipment* and the audio signal can be sent up to 25 meters away.

For example, connect the transmitter to a spare USB socket on a laptop or a headphone socket on a Mp3 player and the receiver to an audio input* on your amplifier. The system is very robust and not prone to interference or audio delays.

Everything you require to send and receive the audio signal wirelessly is supplied with the WAS1. WS30i, x30, x10 - these products are all fitted with a USB socket allowing the WAS1 to be used, the added benefit is extended signal range and additional source devices can be connected.

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