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Blue Aura Wireless Speaker


The Blackline PH1 is a high performance phono-pre-amplifier that supports both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.  Although some amplifiers have an integral phono stage, PH1 is a dedicated phono pre-amplifier that offers an audible sound upgrade once connected between your Turntable and Amplifier.
Designed primarily to complement our range of Blackline valve amplifiers, PH1 can easily fit into any existing audio system where a phono stage is required.
Even if your existing amplifier has a built in phono stage, PH1 can be connected to Line In and will offer an improved performance as most built in phono stages are not of high quality.

What People Say

  • Blackline Home Audio System
    The packing was great and everything in superb condition. 
    I love the fact that the turntable is Bluetooth so can be situated anywhere, this does not, as far as I can hear, degrade the sound at all. 
    The sound is fantastic and very defined and as you mentioned earlier the sound definitely gets better as the valves warm up.  
    I am exceedingly happy with my purchase, especially as I’ve been carting my vinyl around for around fifteen years with no player and they have not seen the light of day.

    PB Scotland

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