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PH1 Phono Pre-Amplifer

The Blackline PH1 is a high performance phono-pre-amplifier that supports both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.  Although some amplifiers have an integral phono stage, PH1 is a dedicated phono pre-amplifier that offers an audible sound upgrade once connected between your Turntable and Amplifier.

Designed primarily to complement our range of Blackline valve amplifiers, PH1 can easily fit into any existing audio system where a phono stage is required.

Even if your existing amplifier has a built in phono stage, PH1 can be connected to Line In and will offer an improved performance as most built in phono stages are not of high quality.




The resurgence in vinyl and subsequently Turntables has prompted Blue Aura to develop a dedicated phono pre-amplifier.
An addition to our Blackline range, PH1 sits between your amplifier and Turntable and can be switched between moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.
Fundamentally, moving magnet cartridges have a higher level of amplification compared to moving coil type. The phono stage increases the signal level from the turntable cartridge to the amplifier and our dedicated PH1 phono stage will provide a sound improvement over traditional inbuilt phono pre-amplifiers.


PH1 was always intended to be introduced, but its customer demand that has accelerated its launch.

Customers who purchased our award winning v40 amplifier have been requesting a matching phono stage.

Now, after months of development we are ready to introduce a PH1 and we are confident consumers will hear a sound improvement when hooking up between an amplifier and turntable.





S/N Ratio (A Weighting)

82.8 dB

<64 dB

Input Impedance

45~56K Ω

80~120 Ω

Output Impedance

110 Ω

110 Ω

Channel Balance

<0.23 dB

<0.21 dB

Distortion (5mV input)



Gain (1 KHz)    

55 dB

58~62 dB

RIAA Accuracy

± 1 dB

± 1 dB

Max Input

17.55 mV

>7 mV

Max Output

8.7 V

>8.52 V

Channel Separation

>72 dB

>55 dB

Output Level

2.44 V

659 mV

Power Supply 12V 1A AC Adapter

Dimensions:  49 x 180 x 152mm (H x D x W) 850 g

Colour   Black



PH1 has been designed to sonically and aesthetically matched v40.
Combining v40and PH1 will offer a much improved musical experience when used with a Turntable.

Product information sheets and Instruction manuals can be found in the information centre. http://www.blueaura.co.uk/information


v40 amplifier and PH1 pre-amplifier

I bought my Blue Aura V40 Black Shadow & PH 1 Phono stage at the beginning of the year & still get a buzz every time I use it - I just wish I'd bought one earlier.
Apart from looking stunning, the sound is amazing. Rich deep tones, great bass definition - I am hearing so much more detail than I used to. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up for streaming from my PC, but my Project turntable just sounds so much better.
I had a few enquiries before I bought - Nick was very easy to deal with & delivery to Northern Ireland was very quick & straightforward
Would definitely recommend it - worth every penny

SL Co. Antrim

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