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Munich High End 2017

Munich in May!
The Munich High End show is in our opinion the best audio show in Europe for Hi-Fi, there are other big shows but pure audio seems to take a back seat to TV’s and even white goods

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Bristol Sound & Vision 2017

This year we will be exhibiting in cooperation with Hi Fi World magazine.
The Bristol show has come at exactly the right time for us to demonstrate our Blackline range of products, including the much heralded v40 integrated valve amplifier.

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What’s in a name

2017 is Blue Aura’s seventh year as a consumer electronics brand, which means that we are still a relatively young company in what is a very competitive market.

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v40 Sound Enhancements

When developing our v40 amplifier we specifically wanted to use good quality, well respected but commercially available valves and we chose the JJ Electronics ECC82/12AU7; a good European valve.

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The Perfect Christmas Present

Now available to pre-order.
Contact to register interest in this strictly limited edition production run and we will reserve one of these beautifully presented systems for you.

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ps40 Limited Edition

Acoustic testing finalised for our ps40 Limited Edition Loudspeakers.
Listening tests concluded today for our new ps40 Limited Edition loudspeakers which will be available early January 2017.

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