WS30i Active Monitors Loudspeaker

WS30i Active Monitor Loudspeakers

WS30i active monitor loudspeakers have to be heard to be believed. They produce amazing performance from such a small speaker enclosure.

To call WS30's multi-media speakers, does them an injustice. When we developed this product we aimed to close the gap between computer speakers and home audio and we feel we have more than achieved this. The WS30 is ideal for smaller places in your home and is perfect for MP3, TV monitors and of course your PC! The WS30i system consists of two loudspeakers a remote control and all the necessary connecting cables.  

This product has now been discontinued and superseded by x30, which includes Optical and Bluetooth connections  x30 



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The WS30i also has wireless possibilities enabling more flexibility with locating the speakers, with built in USB power supply it is easy to play music wirelessly using the (optional) WSTxR and WSt (more information on converting to wireless can be found on the Support page).

Dual sound inputs enable two sound sources to be connected at the same time. The WS30 speakers can be connected to any audio product with sound output or headphones out. Connects to computer, Mp3-player, mobile phone, cd-player, radio or TV


The WS30 loudspeakers are covered with a soft faux leather material and are available in black or white with matching remote control.

The drive units in the WS30 are fully shielded allowing them to be positioned either side of the television. An external subwoofer can be used with the WS30's by connecting to the "sub out" socket on the back of the speaker.


WS30's can be wall mounted, placed on bespoke stands or alternatively placed on the elegantly designed Blue Aura desk stand, supplied free with each system.

Optional Extras

Blue Aura Solo Stands - Compliment your WS30 loudspeakers by placing them on specifically designed stands for optimum listening position. Available in black or white and incorporating cable management features.

x-sub - add the x-sub subwoofer to enhance lower frequencies

WSTxR and WSt - convert your WS30's to wireless mode by adding the transmitter and receiver combination.

  • Model


  • Description

    2 way Powered Active Monitors

  • Product Height


  • Product Width


  • Product Depth


  • Product Weight

    Left 1.7kg / Right 1.4kg

  • Frequency Response

    55Hz - 20kHz

  • Tweeter

     20mm Soft Dome

  • Woofer

    87mm Paper Cone - Fully Shielded

  • Crossover Frequency


  • Amplifier Power

    25 Watt per channel

  • Amplifer Type

    Class A/B

  • Wireless

    Wireless ready 2.4GHz

  • Wireless Range

    25m in wireless mode

  • Sub Out


  • Inputs

    RCA Line in/ 3.5mm Line in/ USB

  • Remote Control


  • Enclosure

    18mm MDF

  • Colour Options


  • Grille


  • aptX


  • NFC (Near Field Connectivity)



The WS30 system can easily be upgraded to work wirelessly with source devices. By using the optional WSt and WSTxR combination, the WS30i system can be upgraded to work wirelessly. Full instructions can be viewed on page 3 of the WS30i Instruction Manual in the Information Centre.


"I can't say it enough of how impressed I am with your company and will not only sing your praises to friends and family but look forward to purchasing from Blue Aura in the future"

KM Bedford UK

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